My Story

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Hi. I'm Teresa. I'm a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and photographer.

I love God.

I love life.

I love capturing life with my camera.

I was born in Salt Lake City but spent most of my childhood in a small town in the shadow of Zion National Park. I moved back to the big city when I was a teenager and always felt a little out of place. I missed the wide open spaces, riding my four-wheeler over the vast peaks and valleys of the southern Utah landscape.

From about age 13, I spent most of my afternoons in the city library, devouring both fiction and nonfiction, and pouring over photos in the National Geographic.

In college I majored in philosophy and psychology. When I took a basic photo class, I spent hours in the darkroom and developed an infatuation with light and shadow. I miss the calming red lights, pungent smell of developer, and the soothing sound of running water.

The mindfulness I experienced while behind the lens prompted me to change my major. My fascination with the human mind morphed into the art of capturing life and emotion with my camera. Although I always struggled to form sentences I had a knack for visual storytelling.

I went on to study documentary photography at the University of Utah and earned a BA in Mass Media Communications.

The explorer in me loved working for the college newspaper and I enjoyed all the new assignments I was given. I never knew what I would experience on any given day.

After 10 years of raising kids and going to school, I graduated in 2009 and reluctantly ventured out into the real world. I was a little intimidated to approach the city newspapers so I started my career photographing weddings and newborns. In 2014 my brother took his own life and I fell into a pit of despair and grief. I struggled to make sense of humanity. This lead me to take a chance on my original plan and pursue a job in photojournalism. With amazing luck, I landed a job at the Deseret Morning News as a photo technician. I then moved onto a job in Havre, Montana, shooting for the local paper. I loved it.

The daily adventure and the zest I once had for life returned. I met my husband in the newsroom. He wrote the stories and I took pictures to go with them.

Struggling to support a family on a photojournalist salary, I started my own portrait business, Teresa Getten Photography. This allowed me to move from low income housing into the suburbs. Making a decent income I started a news site with my husband. I supplemented my portrait business working as a freelance journalist and commercial photographer.

This past year I started working for the state documenting powwows and shooting landscapes for the Tourism Business Improvement District.

So here I am, living the dream, capturing the story of small town America.

I don't know what the future holds, but that is more than okay, because I'm in it for the adventure. Life is beautiful.

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